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  1. Brave Bones

Brave Bones is the title track and debut single, available for free download for a limited time only!


I've got a gold mirror in my pocket
Like Wonder Woman's lasso
I see the truth within myself
So if the only heirloom your family left you is shame
The trash goes out on every Tuesday
But don't mistake the trashcan for the recycle bin again

Listen up, the truth is you are perfect
And the whole truth is, you've been that way
Since the day you first arrived
All wrapped up and adorable
And awakening our sleepy smiles with your sweet glow

You're brave bones
With a heart made from the galaxy
You're an exhale, a sigh of relief
The Universe created you…
And I'll remind you as you need me to
You're beautiful and perfect as you are
You're beautiful and perfect as you are

This mirror has a magic filter
It doesn't let any shadows through
So look inside and see yourself as I do
For I'm The One who made you